Brandon Platt

Dr. Torregrosa is hands-down the best out there. Not only does he like to joke around, but he is very thorough with his explanations. His surgery fixed my ankle perfectly and I recovered quickly.

Pamela Molinaro

From the front desk, to Caroline the nurse, to the secretary, to Dr. Torregrosa, everyone is working to help you recieve the best, most professional healthcare that is in your best interest.

You do not sit in the waiting room for hours on end. You do not wait in an empty "room" for another hour. Dr. Torregrosa is very good at running on time.

When "Dr. T" comes in to converse with you, he tells you like it is in a vocabulary that you can understand. He explains why and what you will need to recover. He'll bend over backwards to get you equipment that you may need to help your recuperation. Thumbs up!

Pamela Molinaro

The office is efficient and punctual. Dr. Torregrosa is very professional and punctual. He understands a runner really needs to run. He did inspire me to take up cycling to balance the wear and tear.

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